The District Operations and Resolutions Committee assists KACD in its efforts to meet the needs of its member
districts and supervisors in implementing the Kansas Conservation District Act, or District Law.  The committee provides
training and programs for member districts and supervisors to acquire skills and resources necessary to carry out the
operations of the conservation district.
Resolutions are the way member KACD districts give direction to their association.  The committee reviews resolutions
presented to the association and educates the membership on the association’s resolution process.
Wayne Lukert, Chair - IV
Shawnee County
District Supervisor and District Law
Guidelines for Educating Nominating Committees
KACD Resolution Process and Procedures

The District Operations and Resolutions Committee is now recruiting members to serve on this committee. Please contact committee chair, Wayne Lukert, at the above email address.
Everything a conservation district board does stems from the Kansas Conservation District Act, or District Law. 
Implementing that law is the only reason for the existence of the conservation district.  For individual district supervisors
to do their job effectively, they must understand what District Law is, what is in that law and what they can do to
implement that law.  The ethics of being a supervisor include understanding what the job entails and taking on the
responsibility of educating oneself to be able to do that job.  As the district supervisor understands his or her roles and
responsibilities as a conservation district official, they will also better understand the need to acquire additional skills to
better do their job.
The following three background questions need to be understood by all conservation district
1. What is the Conservation District Law?
The Kansas Conservation District Law, or District Law, is the mechanism the people of the state of Kansas, acting through
the state legislature, have chosen to address natural resource conservation in Kansas.
2. What is the purpose of a Kansas conservation district?
The purpose of a Kansas conservation district is to implement District Law in the conservation district.
3. What is the purpose of a conservation district board?
The conservation district board, made up of five supervisors elected by the qualified electors of the conservation district,
is charged with the implementation of District Law in that board’s respective conservation district.
A copy of District Supervisor and District Law may be downloaded for printing HERE.
A copy of the Kansas Conservation District Law may be downloaded HERE.
The Kansas Association of Conservation Districts and the Kansas State Conservation Commission recommends that all
Kansas conservation districts use the Guidelines for Educating Nominating Committees.
The Funding Source Inventory is a compilation of resources available to Kansas conservation districts.
Educating Funding Sources is a general guide on ways to educate funding sources of conservation district needs.

KACD Resolution Process and Procedures

Resolutions are a key tool for improving and updating processes affecting Kansas conservation, so it is important to take the
steps necessary to ensure resolutions under consideration are adopted and implemented.