The KACD Grasslands Committee is committed to addressing issues affecting the health, preservation, and management of
Kansas grasslands by educating others and promoting the use of best management practices.
By recognizing leaders in the grasslands management arena, this vital natural resource has continued to remain a focal point of
conservation work and stewardship.  Resolutions that improve or enhance the best management practices of Kansas’s
grasslands are frequently reviewed in committee and successfully adopted, while educational opportunities are developed and
put into practice.
The committee encourages conservation districts to present local grazing lands awards to those who provide leadership
within their county regarding grassland management. With the cooperation of Sharp Brothers Seed Company, up to two
signs are provided annually for each district to present at their annual meeting. 
The Kansas Grasslands Merit Award is a state-wide award from the KACD Grasslands Committee offered annually in an
effort to recognize an individual, organization or business that provides exceptional service and support to the conservation,
management and/or education of the grasslands of Kansas.  Many worthy recipients of this coveted award have been honored
over the years and remain as standards of excellence in grasslands management.


Grasslands Committee Chairman

Bill Edwards
Pottawatomie County

Merit Award Winners

2020 Grasslands Merit Award Winner

Bichelmeyer Land and Cattle

Franklin County