Envirothon Resource Areas

The Kansas Envirothon is an outdoor, environmental high school competition where students learn and are tested
on six program areas: Aquatics Ecology, Forestry, Soils/Land Use, Wildlife, a Current Issue and an Oral Presentation.
To learn the goals and objectives in each area, visit the individual pages...

Aquatics Ecology


Soils/Land Use


Current Issue

Oral Presentation


Or download the goals and objectives for all four resource areas in one document HERE.
For the current issue goals and objectives, download HERE.

Kansas Envirothon Rangeland Information for Regional Competitions

With Kansas 15.8 million acres of rangeland, the Kansas Envirothon committee decided to add rangeland as a
resource area for the Kansas Envirothon Regional competitions.
David Kraft, State Rangeland Management Specialist, CPRM Natural Resources Conservation Service, developed
the Kansas Envirothon Rangeland Information resource material as a tool for Envirothon teams in preparation for
the competition.
The objectives address range resource, range plants, range ecology, rangeland and the livestock industry, range and
the environment.
Download the Kansas Envirothon Rangeland Information resource material HERE.