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Kansas Envirothon

The Kansas Envirothon is an outdoor, environmental high school competition where students learn and are tested on soils, forestry, wildlife, aquatics, a current issue and an oral presentation. The current issue for the 2021 competition is: “Water Resource Management: Local Control and Local Solutions.”


2021 Competitions

All competitions in 2021 will be held virtually with a regional pretest to determine teams qualifying for the state contest followed by the state contest.  Dates for each are:

Regional Pretest – April 14th

State Contest – April 28th

Conservation Districts – Register Your Teams By April 1, 2021. 

To register a team for the Envirothon click HERE.
 Team Advisors – Team Release Forms for all participants must be completed prior to the regional competition.

Team Certification Forms must be submitted by noon of the Friday following Notice.  All teams are required to compete in oral presentations at the Kansas Envirothon competition. The oral presentation will be for ten minutes with a total of 100 points possible. All team members are required to participate in the presentation.  Certification forms are due by April 16th.  Only 1 team per school will be allowed to participate in the state contest.


For more information, visit the Oral Presentation resource page HERE.

1st Place Winner                     $500
2nd Place Winner                    $300
3rd Place Winner                    $200


2019 Kansas Envirothon Winner – Manhattan H.S. – Riley County
See competition results HERE.

2018 Kansas Envirothon Winner – Clay Center – Clay County
See competition results HERE.

2017 Kansas Envirothon Winner – Clay Center – Clay County
See competition results HERE.

2016 Kansas Envirothon Winner: Holton High School – Jackson County
See competition results HERE.

2015 Kansas Envirothon Winner: Rock Creek High School
See competition results HERE.

2014 Kansas Envirothon Winner:  Chapman High School
See competition results HERE.

Chinese team from a Shanxi Normal University-affiliated high school in Xi’an represented China at the 2016 North American Envirothon. This year, Canadian and U.S. students competing in the North American Envirothon faced a Chinese team for the first time. A team from a high school affiliated with Shanxi Normal University in Xi’an won its regional competition and served as China’s representative at the 2016 North America Envirothon. The Chinese team came to Canada to learn more about the Envirothon program, with hopes of growing the program in China. The team participated in the competition with the teams from Canada and U.S. The following are testimonials from three of the Chinese students.